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My Baby (Incest Sotries)

My Baby
( Daddy & Daughter Incest Story )

I met my ex-wife the middle of my senior year at The University. Our first real date was a New Year’s Eve party my three roommates and I had in our 4 bedroom house. I worked my way through school so I did not a lot of money for partying. It did not take much liquor to wipe me out; she was no better at holding hers. When we retired to my bedroom after the midnight celebration my Ex was a virgin. After three rounds of unprotected sex that night she missed her period. It was almost anti-climatic when she informed me she was not a college student but still in high school and only sixteen years old. Her parents were naturally upset and very angry. Abortion was mentioned but I said we have created something and I do not want to lose it. I must have known subconsciously how important to me this creation would become. Our marriage began under this cloud.

An angel was born on September 3. The birth certificate says Ashley Dawn after the grandmothers but her name has always been Baby. As it was placed on her mother's chest to first suckle needed nourishment, my Baby's eyes locked with mine. They say such a baby cannot focus, but this one did and those eyes told me "Daddy, I love you." My heart almost burst.

A month before my Baby's first birthday my Ex left. Not yet eighteen, she was too young to be a mother and wife. She wanted to live, to experience life, to see the world. I have not seen her since.

My widowed mother moved in to help me with the baby. When my Baby started to school on her seventh birthday, my mother remarried. In anticipation of those events I left the accounting firm where I worked and went into business for myself so I would work at home and take care of my Baby.

My life has been full of joy watching my Baby grow, learn, and develop into a beautiful young woman. I tried to be a good father and mother. It has been difficult at times, as explaining the onset of her periods and having to put her on the Pill because of problems, buying the first brassiere, discussing the differences between boys and girls, but I tried to hide my embarrassment and always be available for her.

We always had a very loving and open relationship until just about a year ago. She stopped what had been our nightly routine since she was born. It started the first night we were home from the hospital. While watching TV I fed my baby a bottle and held her as she slept. As she grew older she continued to sit in my lap each night. We would cuddle and talk. It was our prime time. Any questions she had, problems she faced, this was when we discussed them.

Although she remained affectionate, kissing my cheek when she left or returned, and talkative, the lap sitting and cuddling suddenly ceased shortly after her seventeenth birthday. The birthday when I realized she had grown up, that she was no longer just my Baby, but had become a beautiful, sexy, desirable young woman.

I had dressed and was going to the den to finish the preparations for the celebratory party. Her bedroom door was partially open and I could see into her private bathroom. She was standing in profile, looking into the mirror at her nude body. The high standing delectable breasts, slightly rounded stomach, hips and ass cheeks tapering into molded thighs and shapely calves hit me like a blow to my stomach. A flood of desire, of lust, washed over me like a tidal wave. I physically wanted her as man has wanted woman since time began. I had never before had such thoughts or feelings. I stood frozen, drinking in the vision with my eyes. My Baby was no longer a baby. I tried to ignore and bury those thoughts as I hurried into the den. I would not let my lechery surface.

Tonight is her Senior Prom. She looked like a goddess when her date picked her up. The grey gown we selected was the color of her eyes. A double-loop pearl necklace drew attention to the almost too low cut for Daddy bodice showing the beginning of her cleavage. Looking at her as she emerged dressed from her bedroom, my throat was so tight I could not speak. I opened my arms and she came to me. We hugged tightly. I kissed her forehead. I finally swallowed and whispered, "Beautiful. My Baby is absolutely beautiful."

She said quietly, almost resentfully, but not moving, "I'm not a baby."

"I know." I continued to whisper. "You are a very lovely, very sexy, very desirable young woman." She hugged me tighter as the doorbell was pushed by her date. I took the customary pictures and they left.

I was sitting in my recliner waiting for the news on the TV to finish so I could go to my lonely bed when my Baby came home, much, much earlier than I expected. Some parties were to last all night. She had my permission and trust to go and do and stay as long as she wanted. She passed the door to the den on her way to her bedroom without stopping to say hello or goodnight. That was not normal. Although I had only a fleeting glimpse she seemed to be upset.

I followed to her bedroom. The door was shut. "Baby?" I knocked and asked quietly. No response. Louder, "Baby, is any thing wrong?"

The door jerked open. My Baby stood looking at my concerned expression with tears streaming down her face. Her eyes were swollen and red. The little makeup she had worn was smeared and leaving tracks as her tears flowed. She almost screamed, "NO, the Ice Queen is just GREAT!"

Throwing her arms around me and burying her head against my neck she sobbed, "Oh, Daddy. I'm sorry."

As I put my arms around her my hands slipped into the gap of her dress where she had lowered the rear zipper. The silky smooth texture of her bare skin burned my fingers. "Oh Baby, Baby, what did that... that... do to you? I'll kill him!" My teeth were clinched.

She tried to shake her head as it pressed against me. "It wasn't him, Daddy. It's me. It's always me. I've tried to go out with boys. I've tried to like them. I've tried to kiss them. I've wanted to do things with them. I've wanted them to do things to me. I've tried and tried, but, I just can't. It's all my fault."

I stooped and picked her up in my arms. I carried her into the den and sat down in my recliner with her on my lap. I held her as I had since she was born. I pulled her head against me and gently stroked her hair. I could smell the faint perfume she always used because I once told her I liked it. She never wore another scent. I said quietly, "Don't worry, Baby. Someday you will meet a boy, a man. You will love him. He will love you. You will be able to do anything with him you want. You will want to please him. He will want to please you. I know it sounds trite, but you’re still young, Baby. Don't be impatient. Your whole life is still ahead of you. It will happen."

"No, Daddy, it won't," she said just as quietly. "I'm doomed just as you have been. You have never had a love, a lover. I'm going to be the same way."

"Baby, I love YOU. I've never wanted anyone else. I had you to raise. Watching you grow, learn, develop, become the wonderful person you are, my life has not been empty. You have filled it."

But... haven't you wanted... to have sex? I know you have. But... why not... why haven't you... I don't think you have ever tried."

"No, Baby. For years, watching you grow, holding you each nite like this, I really never thought about sex. Besides, if I'd gone sniffing around some woman", I sniffed and got a giggle, "we couldn't have had our prime time. That's all I've wanted, all I've needed."

"Then why..."

"Why what?"

"Why did you start... acting... like you didn't like me... didn't want me around... you pushed me off your lap."

"I DIDN'T! I've always wanted you. I've missed you so much since you quit last year. I wondered what I did wrong. I've wanted to ask a thousand times, but I was afraid to. I guess I was afraid of what your answer might be, that you were getting too old for such childish things, too grownup, that you didn't want or need your old Daddy any more."

She turned and straddled me, sitting on my thighs with her prom gown bunched between us. Her bent knees were gripping my hips as she placed her hands on the sides of my head forcing me to be face to face with her. Her eyes burned into mine. "Remember my seventeenth birthday party?" She had refused to have a party when she turned eighteen.


"You looked at me as if you couldn't believe what you were looking at. Like I crawled out from under a rock or something. As if you wished you were somewhere else. You didn't say but three words to me all night. Happy. Birthday. Baby. It wasn't.

"You flirted with all my girl friends. They thought you were so cool, such a hunk. I was dying inside. Three of them said they would like to get you in bed. I never let them come around again. You ignored me as if I wasn't there. After the party and everyone left, I tried to get in your lap, like always. You pushed me away. I cried myself to sleep for a week wondering why you quit loving me." She was almost sobbing now.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I don't remember that at all. What I do remember... I walked by your bedroom... your doors were open... you were standing in front of your mirror... you didn't have anything on... you weren't dressed. I have never seen anything so gorgeous... your body... I felt things... things a father should NOT feel for a daughter... I wanted to go in... take you into my arms... hold you... touch you... to make love to you as a woman... I, I forced myself to walk away. I tried to forget what I saw. I realized my Baby was a grown woman. I had to start treating you as an adult, not just as my Baby. You weren't a child anymore. I felt... I was afraid... of what I might do to you... I love you too much to frighten or hurt you."

Her eyes were still leaking tears. Those hideous streaks of ruined makeup were still on her cheeks. She was beautiful. "Do you still feel that way? Would you still like to hold me that way? Do you still want to touch me that way?" There was a note of hope and anticipation in her voice.

I closed my eyes. I could not lie to my Baby. "God forgive me, YES!"

She started squirming and twisting, pulling and lifting on her gown. "Help me", she demanded. I tugged, pulled and lifted and suddenly the gown was off, over her head and thrown to the floor. She sat there on my legs clad only in her matching bra and panties. She was intently scanning my face, watching, hoping, wanting my reaction.

I was stunned. I could not breathe. She was perfection. The hair, eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, mouth, jaw, neck, shoulders, bra cupped breasts, stomach, hips, P*nty hidden cuntal mound, thighs, the sight burned into my mind. I finally gasped for breath and looked back into her eyes.

She smiled a loving delighted smile. Apparently my reaction was to her satisfaction. "Thank you, Daddy."

I swallowed but still could not speak. I slowly raised quivering hands and with trembling fingers began to feel those delightful breasts. I cupped them in my hands, squeezing, massaging gently. I rubbed the erect nipples with my thumbs. I slid my hands down her sides, over the hips, along the thighs, then started back up, rubbing my thumbs across the front of the panties, getting a shiver out of the delectable body. My hands retraced their path upward and continued until I held my Baby's smiling face. "Baby, are you sure? Do you know what you’re doing? What you’re doing to me? To us? I love you. I love you as my Baby. I love you as a woman. Are you sure?"

"Daddy, why do you think I'm the Ice Queen? Every boy I have ever been with has been compared to you. Every time I kissed a boy, I wished I was kissing you. When they touched me I pretended it was you touching me. I touched them, pretending, thinking I was touching you. Then I would freeze up, knowing it wasn't you, knowing I only wanted you. I have gotten hysterical when they wouldn't quit fast enough, even though I had led them on. All I ever wanted, Daddy, was you. I thought I had done something, I don't know what, and you didn't love me anymore. I couldn't stand it. Right now I am so happy. I want to make you happy too."

I pulled her to me kissing her on the forehead as I have done several millions of times. "Holding you, cuddling you as we've always done is all I need to be happy, Baby. I AM happy right now, just holding you. I have really missed our prime times."

She pulled back so she could look me in the eye. "No, Daddy. It's not enough any more. You changed, last year, when you became aware of your man-woman feelings toward me. You just said that you still have those feelings. I have had woman-man feelings toward you forever it seems like. I want to physically love you, Daddy."

She paused and took two deep breaths. "I'm going to use a word I have never heard you say. I want to FUCK you, Daddy. NOW! TONIGHT!"

She mashed her lips to mine, giving me a very unbaby-like kiss. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth, licking, feeling, tasting, rubbing against my willing digit. I scooted forward in my recliner until I could stand. I had one arm under the beautiful heart shaped ass as she locked her legs tightly around my hips with her arms around my neck. With my other arm holding the small of her back, I headed for my bedroom. Her p*ssy was pressed against my stomach as I walked down the hall. Her panties were wet, hot, burning my skin through my shirt. They seemed to be getting wetter the further I carried my Baby. She was making little hunching motions with her hips, rubbing her clit against me and grunting um, um, um with each motion.

I lowered us on my bed. We had not broken our liplock since my Baby first kissed me while on the recliner. As I lay beside her she was squirming, twisting, rubbing against my clothes. Her arms and legs were like steel bands holding me. She finally broke the kiss and cheek to cheek she whispered in my ear, "I want you in me. I know it will hurt. But don't stop! Please. Hurry! I don't want to wait any longer."

Smiling and nibbling on her ear lobe, I said, "Well, Baby, you’re going to have to let me go."

She jerked so she could look me in the eyes, "Why?"

"I've got to take my clothes off and get rid of your bra and panties." We began laughing. She released me and I rose to my knees. I pulled off my shirt as she unsnapped my pants and lowered the zipper. I rolled onto my back and removed my shoes, socks and pants. Back on my knees, I placed my spread fingers on her shoulders and started moving them downward. My fingers were barely making contact with her skin, just a light brushing, like feathers. Goosebumps trailed behind. She lay on her back with her arms at her sides, still, unmoving, looking at me adoringly. The sweetest, most innocent, sensual sight I have ever seen. My fingers reached the beginning swell of her breasts, traced a line along the top of the bra, then the bottom. I unfastened the front clasp and exposed the prettiest of tits. My fingers circled the conical shapes, spiraling upward to circle and feathery touch the hardened little nipples. A ripple ran through the heavenly body. An almost sigh reached my ears, "Lick them. Suck them. Please, Daddy."

"Not yet," I murmured. "I'm blinded by your beauty. I must learn you by Braille." I received a little giggle. I continued downward with my feathery finger caresses, along her ribs, over her stomach and cute little belly button, to the top of the bikini cut panties.

I skipped over the soaking wet panties and started down her right thigh. "You missed a spot."

"Where?" I said, and got an embarrassed little girl giggle from this beautiful woman child. "I'll be back." I continued down the leg to the foot. I knew of foot fetishes but never understood it. Now I became one. I lifted that dainty foot, ran my tongue over the sole, nibbled, licked, kissed and sucked each lovely toe to increasingly labored breathing from my Baby. I moved across the bed and repeated my action on the other foot and started upward on that leg. As my fingers traversed upward over her thigh, the hips began a subtle movement in anticipation of my fingers arrival. My Baby's eyes were closed. Her fists were clinched. Her breathing was rapid and shallow. Her attention was solely concentrated on the light stroking movements of my fingers.

I skipped over the panties again, jumping back to the stomach, still going upward. "Nooooooooo" came a soft drawn out wail. My Baby's hands caught my wrists, trying to force them downward. I reached the breasts and started my circling motions again. I leaned and with a wet tongue bathed an areola while breathing through my mouth. With the movement of the air on the dampness, it contracted, crinkled and the little crowning nubbin became rock hard. I moved to the other breast, licking, then sucked it into my mouth. I scraped it lightly with my teeth. "Yeessssssss." My Baby’s hands were on the back of my head pulling me tighter onto her tit. "Sooooooo Goooooood. Mooorrreee." She twisted trying to force the other into my mouth.

As I continued mouthing her tits, I reached and pushed one side of the panties down, then the other. When I got them lower, I raised her legs and slipped the panties completely off. Still attached to the breasts, I moved to lay between my Baby's legs. She immediately wrapped them around my waist with a death grip. As I began shifting, trying to slide downward, her legs relaxed. I licked, kissed and sucked on the satiny skin moving lower and lower down her stomach. Suddenly realizing the destination of my mouth, my Baby grabbed my hair. "Daddy. No. That's nasty."

"No, Baby. There is nothing about you that is nasty. This is delicious. I think you'll like it." It had been almost seventeen years since my mouth had been on a woman's cunt. I hoped I could remember what to do.

"I’ve heard girls talk about it, but I thought they were joking, just trying to gross me out."

"Wait." I was looking at the beautiful swollen cuntal mound. I was so close I was almost cross-eyed. The trimmed hair was sparse, silky and shone with her wetness. The aroma was a mild musky earthy flavor which was heavenly. The area was a pale rose from blood engorgement. The lips were slightly parted, giving a hint of the deeper red within. I began licking gently. I narrowed my tongue and licked up between the labia, continuing until I touched the clitoris. My Baby jerked as if shocked.

"God! Daddy! What did you do! That's wild! I rub it to feel good, but, God, never like THAT!" Smiling I gave the nether lips a few licks, then took the clit between my lips, started sucking and rubbing it with my flattened tongue. My Baby went berserk. Bucking, twisting, bouncing, legs flailing, arms beating against the mattress, I found later I left finger bruises on her hips from my trying to hold on. I maintained a gentle suction and pressure as my Baby finally came down from her orgasm. Breathing rapidly and sucking air audibly, "Oh... Daddy... That was... glorious... I've... never felt that... before."

I crawled up over her. My Baby's body was bathed in a fine sheen of perspiration. As I lowered my body onto hers my c*ck nestled naturally in the cleft between her p*ssy lips, as if it belonged, as it did belong. I began pecking light kisses all over her face. My chest felt swollen, full of love for this exquisite creature beneath me. My Baby started moving her hips, rubbing my c*ck, moistening it with her juices. "Now. I want you in me. Make me a woman. Officially." My heart froze and skipped a beat as she continued, "I want you to love me, Daddy."

I pulled back. "Baby, I DO love you. There is no way I could love you more than I do right now, more than I loved you yesterday, last week, last year. My heart has always been filled to the brim with love for you. I have loved you since the moment you were born, with every fiber of my being.

"But, you do not have to do this. This isn't right. I am your FATHER. You don't have to try to buy my love with your body. You have my soul now." I tried to turn over on my back, to get away from her, but she held on.

"No, Daddy. You don't understand. I want you to MAKE love to me. I want to be your LOVER. I don't want anyone else, now or ever. Just you. Only you. Please, please, make love to me," my Baby was almost crying. I was almost crying. She kissed me so hard my lips hurt. Sniffling, "Please, Daddy, I want you to."

I could never refuse my darling Baby anything. She knows it, knew it from an early age; but she has never taken advantage of it. She never asked for anything she did not need. If she wanted something, there was a valid purpose for it. I tried my best to spoil her. All of her life she has had the perfect opportunity to be a brat, selfish and willful; but she has always been kind and helpful, never a cross or ugly word.

I could not refuse her now. I rocked my hips back. Our bodies fit perfectly. The head of my c*ck popped into her tight love tunnel. It felt fantastic. I eased forward, withdrew, eased forward, withdrew, slowly going deeper until I felt an obstruction. As I nudged it, my Baby flinched. I could feel her pain and fear. "I love you, Baby." I covered her mouth with mine and drove hard into her, burying myself completely.

"Ugh!" she exclaimed, stiffening, her whole body was rigid.

Remaining still, not moving a muscle, I didn't even breathe. As her body relaxed, "I'm sorry, Baby. How bad is it? Does it hurt too much?"

"No, not hardly at all. I was more surprised than hurt. I feel stuffed. I'm full, like I overate. Let me get used to it." After a moment, with a grin, "I like it." She slowly brought a foot up toward her buttock, raising and bending her knee. She was searching for, looking for, waiting for the flash of pain to return. She moved the other in the same way until my hips were cradled between her thighs. She slowly lifted one foot, then the other, over the back of my thigh and placed it between my legs. Locking her heels behind my thighs, she pulled me tighter into her. She wiggled her hips and made a small hunch. As she lost the anticipation of the pain that did not come, she was becoming accustomed to being filled with my duck. With a laugh, "I've got you now. You can't get out. You can't get away. You’re mine."

I flexed my c*ck. "OH. Do that again." I flexed again. "Again." I did. "That feels so good." I started to slowly withdraw. "No! Don't! Don't pull out. Leave it in, please, it feels so good."

I kissed my Baby lovingly. "I'm not pulling out." I withdrew until only the head was still unsheathed and slowly returned. The lining of her tight slick canal set my penis nerves to jangling. How much sensation could I take?

As I bottomed out on my return into her my Baby said, "I see. Again." I slowly eased out and back in. "Again." I did. "Again." I did. She continued saying "again, again", getting faster and faster. Her hips began lifting to meet my in strokes, dropping as I withdrew, grunting "again" each time our pubic bones met. Knowing I was on a hair trigger when we started, I bit my tongue until it bled trying to hold off my ejaculation. The desire, the need I had, would not let me last long, but I wanted to bring my Baby to an orgasm. I did not want to, I was afraid I was going to, leave her hanging. Suddenly I could hold off no longer. I exploded. It triggered my Baby. "OH! YES! DADDY! DADDY! I'M DYING! DADDY! DADDY!" Breathe. Breathe. "Oh, daddydaddydaddydaddy."

Slowly relaxing, "Oh, heaven. Oh, Daddy. What you did with your mouth, awhile ago, was fantabulous. It was great. But, this. WOW! I knew it would be good. I love you too much not to enjoy it. But. WOW! How did you... what did you... WOW! I love you, loveyouloveyoulovey ou." My Baby was raining kisses all over my face.

I finally got the strength to rise up and look at my Baby laying beneath me, such a perfect beautiful creation. "Well, Baby. I guess I'll have to stop calling you that. You are a WOMAN now. You are MY woman, my lover. What will I call you now?"

Definitely. "Baby! I was your Baby before. I'm still your Baby. I'll be your Baby forever."

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